Here's a small sampling of the paperboard packaging that may inspire you to work with me. Most of these projects were produced at Utah Paperbox in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Sweet Lollapalooza Fine Chocolates

At Utah Paperbox, we make rigid trays and folding sleeves, 2 piece rigid set up boxes for this special chocolatier in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. They make award-winning signature bonbons and artisan confections, handcrafted by internationally-renowned chocolatier, Brett Roy, using only the finest ingredients.

beauty garde

Beauty Garde

This startup cosmetics brand by Nonie Creme uses foil stamping and cold foil to get the impact they need to shine in the beauty packaging scene.

Birchbox - the startup

Mailer and Rigid Box.jpg

In 2010, I met and worked with Katia and Haley to put together their early rigid box and shipper. We made the rigid boxes at Utah Paperbox and the corrugated shippers locally in Salt Lake City shipping them together to minimize freight costs for 3 years.

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One big beauty brand

Since 2008, this company has trusted me and Utah Paperbox to provide tens of millions of colorful, high quality, technically challenging folding cartons and rigid boxes.

Other Client Work