Great packaging starts with you, your product, your brand, and a little help from your packagingchic!

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Do you have a new product and need to produce a box or shipper for it?  I work with customers who need packaging for their products.

Do you find yourself suddenly in a job where you need to know, or just speak, the language of folding cartons and rigid boxes? I work with marketing managers & designers to navigate the world of paperboard packaging.

I'm here as your packagingchic to help you produce packaging for your brand.

What's Your Project?

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Ready to take the next step? What are you looking to create? How much do you know already about paperboard packaging?

How can I help?

Folding cartons, rigid setup boxes, corrugated mailers, litho lam boxes, paperboard tubes, tissue, ribbon, stickers and packing tape are all part of my portfolio of packaging possibilities.

Thank you for stopping by today!