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Who is this packagingchic?

Hello! packagingchic is me, Sharon Eucce, (“you see”) and I love working with designers & brand-centric people who need a passionate partner vendor for print, folding cartons, rigid boxes and higher end corrugated shipping boxes.

I work best when I’m on the inside knowing the broader scope of your brand and your packaging project.

Can’t shop or travel or cruise the internet without looking at graphic design, packaging, innovation in materials, and color that’s all around me.

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Here’s how I got my personal brand together: After a few years working in packaging, a client referred to me as their "packaging chick".

I loved the implied expertise! And I was so excited to have this name - it felt like a bolt of lightning - “this was it!”

So I called my mom and dad to tell them the great news. Crickets...except for the comment that packaging chick sounded a bit hard or “biker-ish”. 😏

So, in an effort to reflect my high standards of work and to put my family at ease, we refined the brand to packagingchic

I’m often seen carrying a bunch of boxes and samples piled high or trying to find a place to store them!

Why work with the packagingchic?

Maybe you just need someone to start the conversation about your new product's delivery to market with. Or, you need someone to manufacture the secondary packaging or shipper, let's do it! I really enjoy helping people figure out what type of packaging they need through exploratory conversations, sampling, & production.

What does the packagingchic do?

If you need paperboard packaging for retail or your e-commerce brand such as custom folding cartons, rigid boxes, corrugated mailers, tissue, ribbon, bags, stickers & even packing tape, that’s me. I also provide education and consulting for people & brands just getting into print and packaging.