Thank you so much for stopping by today!

Maybe you have a new product and need to produce a box or shipper for it. Or perhaps you find yourself suddenly in a job where you need to know and talk about folding cartons and rigid boxes. I'm here as your packaging chic to help you through this process!

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When I first started in packaging,
a client referred to me as their "packaging chick".
I loved the implied expertise!
In an effort to reflect my higher level of work and put my family at ease, we refined the brand to packagingchic! 
I often can be found carrying a
bunch of boxes & samples piled high,
looking somewhat stylish - hence the logo!

I'm a purveyor of paperboard packaging for retail and e-commerce brands supplying custom folding cartons, rigid boxes, corrugated mailers, tissue, ribbon, bags, stickers & even packing tape.

Let's work together to discover the structures, materials and print processes that work best for what, how, and where you sell.

What's your project?

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Ready to take the next step? What are you looking to create? How much do you know already about paperboard packaging? How can I help?

Folding Cartons, Rigid Setup Boxes, Corrugated Mailers, Litho Lam Boxes, Paperboard Tubes, tissue, ribbon, stickers packing tape are all part of my portfolio of packaging possibilities.

Who is packagingchic?

I'm Sharon Eucce and I enjoy working with design & brand-centric people who need a partner vendor in print, folding cartons, rigid boxes and higher end corrugated mailers and boxes. The majority of production for this work is done in Salt Lake City by Utah Paperbox. UPB is customer and high quality focused. My decades of experience in print, paper & packaging working with brand owners, startups and larger corporations in cosmetics, specialty foods and beverages have been so satisfying and fun. Let's see if we can work together.