I wanted to highlight these folding cosmetic cartons for the production steps they use. First, these are printed 4 color plus one color (custom luminous beige) and one Pantone color on the inside – all in one cost effective pass through the printing press. The finishing techniques (embossing and foil stamping) are what set this carton apart from the rest in their segment. These have a textured emboss on 3 sides, top and bottom, a regular flat emboss and foil stamping. The textured emboss is part of the rich patterned background you see here. The charbronze (dark brown) line and the banner area are the regular flat emboss. The foil stamping around the banner registers so well to the printing and the two embossing areas are in register every time. These cosmetic cartons use almost every specialty print and finishing machine that we have! On repeat orders, we turn these around in about 4 weeks during normal schedule times.


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