I’ve had the pleasure of working with Lucy, Charlie, the staff and all the pet dogs at  The Honest Kitchen for several years.  When we first got together, they were no longer just a startup,  so they knew what they wanted in packaging but just didn’t have it finessed quite yet.


Proof showing 4 color background and original imagery

Proof showing 4 color background and original imagery

Working with their team and their designer, Jen Cadam, we evolved from printing 4 color process on SBS board just simulating a kraft background, to printing directly on kraftpak. We print using one hit of white ink, 4 color process and custom spot colors for each diet. All vegetable based inks are used, which is important to The Honest Kitchen. Kraftpak is a virgin fiber board and the corrugated is recycled. Once assembled, the entire box is easily recyclable.
Honest Kitchen 2 poundWe did press proofs to determine which screen values of the spot colors would work for the desired look. The designer also had the four color food imagery specifically refined for printing on kraftpak. Once the top sheet of kraftpak is printed, we laminate it to single face E Flute for a beautiful litho lam product.

Finally after several years of working together as partners, The Honest Kitchen has the kraft boxes they’ve dreamed of and we’ve gained expertise in printing on kraftpak.

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