So you’ve designed the folding cartons for your retail product. Now you’ve got to design the corrugated shipper! You’ve got a new set of rules when printing on corrugated.

Designing for print on this substrate is a a bit different compared to designing for print on SBS or other paperboard. The fibers and formation of corrugated are much less refined than SBS. The print surface is mottled as well as warped occasionally! But the beauty of corrugated is that it’s strong and it protects your product. You just have to design around these parameters for success.

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Direct printing on corrugated is typically achieved using flexography. The printing plates are made of rubber – basically it’s a giant rubber stamp! Direct printing on corrugated is traditionally not a place for fine lines and detail. Plan for “bounce” when printing multiple colors. Here’s an example where the designer used multiple colors but allowed for bounce by giving plenty of overlap between colors.


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