Foil stamping is a finishing technique that combines heat and pressure between a substrate, foil and stamping plate – which is why some people still refer to it as hot stamping. It’s typically a platen style process meaning the stamping plates are flat. Here’s a series of photos of a foil stamping job showing the stamping plates, the machine and the finished product.

Going inStamping plates on the platenFoil stamped product

UPB has all Bobst foil stamping machines. One of them is the Steuer, a cylinder stamping press instead of platen – round instead of flat for super fine detail and large solids of foil stamping.

Stamping Plates on the Steuer Steuer Plates Steuer






The photos below show some of the rolls of foil on hand and some of the stamping plates that are ready to be recycled.

Stamping plates ready to recycle 2013-03-15 12.04.06


Foil is usually flashy and gets attention on the shelf. However, there are matte finish and pigment foils that are not metallic and shiny also available.

2013-05-11 09.40.37 Kurz Foil 4 Kurz Foil Kurz Foil2 Kurz Foil3 Kurz6




Up close on the foil …

Up close on the foil …


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